OCTOBER 17 – 18, 2014




The organization met at a working lunch on Saturday, October 18.  Vice-president John Buettler called the meeting to order.

A brief secretary’s report was made by John on behalf of the secretary Mary Ann Berty.  The minutes reflected our concern regarding the waning membership and possible strategies for encouraging membership in the organization.

Mike Nailor, treasurer, gave his report.  A spreadsheet indicating income and expenditures was distributed.

John Buettler had introduced, earlier in the conference, the new website. 

John then introduced some by-law changes that he believed to be more efficient to the organization.  Since the current by-laws require a two week notice prior to voting it was decided to disseminate the change to the membership in attendance and then vote electronically. If approved, changes, with the exception of those relating to the offices of Vice-President, will go into effect upon approval. Changes relating to the offices of Vice-President will go into effect in October of 2016.

A conversation then opened regarding recruitment.  Jeff Smith, Lake Lehmann, asked if PSDA still co-hosted the hospitality room at the state tournament.  Upon an affirmative answer, Jeff then asked about the feasibility of having a banner disseminating this role in the hospitality room.  No action taken.

The hotel is unavailable to us on our “normal” weekend due to Penn State having five home games in a row.  The membership voted to hold the conference on the only available weekend, October 23 – 24.  Ms. Berty would contact Steven at the Atherton and confirm that date.

The theme for PSDA 2015 was announced by Alice Ursin as “Halloween.”

As this is an election year, Alice Ursin gave the nominating committee report.  The slate included:

President:  John Buettler, Holy Ghost Prep

Vice-President:  Rita Yunker, Bishop Canevin

Vice-President:  John Masslon, Bethel Park

Secretary:  Mary Ann Berty, Trinity 4

Nominations were called for from the membership.  There being none, the slate was elected by acclamation.

The office of treasurer is an appointed position.  President John Buettler then re-appointed Michael Nailor of Susquehanna University to continue in that role.


Respectfully submitted,

Alice Ursin (Acting Secretary)